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Anaconda/anaaniicon.gif (92089 bytes).....there's snakes out there this big????...


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Anaconda/anaaniicon.gif (92089 bytes)...snakes don't eat people............


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Anaconda is a fun movie that was a surprise hit. From the opening scene we know we are in for a wild ride. It has a stellar

cast including veteran movie actor jon voight in a scenery

chewing role that's performed with a twinkle in his eye.

Jennifer Lopaz as the intrepid heroine, Ice Cube, Eric Stoltz, character actor johnathan hyde,

Owen Wilson and kari werhner round out the rest of the cast as

adventurers filming a documentary on a lost tribe in the amazon.

we know that there are lots of victims for the title snake of the film.

things start going downhill once voight is rescued from his

river boat with distrust growing in the crew with his every

glare. Eric Stoltz breathes in a wasp when he dives to

fix the boat (not by accident) and spends almost the entire remainder of the

film in bed. Voight saved his life so he can't be all bad

can he?? Anyway he suggests a short cut to get stoltz to a

hopital. voight is obsessed with catching an anaconda so

naturally this "short cut" takes them through anaconda territory and

the munching begins. Decent special effects and not too much

gore. A stepping store for wilson, ice cube and lopez who

went on to bigger things and a precursor to a hoast of giant

snake movies including a sequel non of which has come close to the entertainment

value of this film. One of my all time favorites.



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