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jaws/jicon5.jpg (4507 bytes)....you're in sharks.....

jaws/jicon1.jpg (3434 bytes).....ignore this particular problem.....

jaws/jicon2.jpg (7024 bytes)......here's to swimming.....

jaws/jicon4.jpg (4386 bytes).....no accident...

jaws/jicon2.jpg (7024 bytes)....farwell....

jaws/jicon3.jpg (4542 bytes).....bigger boat.....

jaws/jicon5.jpg (4507 bytes)....ya'ard.......

jaws/jicon2.jpg (7024 bytes).....cage....

jaws/jicon4.jpg (4386 bytes)....tiger shark....

jaws/jicon6.jpg (3193 bytes)....buster browns....



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Ok I have to admit I have never felt the same about ocean swimming after seeing this

film.    That said Jaws remains one of the all time great american movie classics.

The film made Steven Spielburg a household name and heightened awareness

of the shark throughout the world. Some of it good and some bad. Even today,

after seeing it countless times, it can still make me feel uneasy to watch it.  Although  a   fictional

story it is

based upon a series of  freak shark attacks along the New Jersey coast in

the early part of the 20th century.  Today  Peter Benchleys novel remains one of

the top horror stories of all time.


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