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The killer shrews is one of those films that is so bad it's

good. I have many found memories of this film even though

it makes one laugh to watch it.  the shrews are

obviously dogs in strange carpet like costumes and are

definitely not scary. But still and all a must see

of the fifties horror genre. I understand that this is

james best's (dukes of hazzard) least favorite  film but i remembered him

from this movie and have remained a advid fan of his over

the years. after all several of the young actors

of the fifties disappeared into obscurity who weren't in

a cult fifties horror film but many of those who were

like clint eastwood (revenge of the creature, tarantula) steve mcqueen (the blob) and james arness (the thing, them) went on to stellar

careers. Also several character actors like best are fondly

remembered   from those films, lee van cleef ( he shot the

beast), peter graves, (beginning of the end)

leonard nimoy ( young soldier in them), James whitmore,

another of my favorites, (Them) Kenneth Toby (beast, it came from

beneath the sea)





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Shrews/killershrews002.jpg (4400 bytes)....I haven't been known to turn down a drink yet....

Shrews/killershrews005.jpg (4076 bytes)....little monsters.....

Shrews/killershrews006.jpg (4380 bytes).....sea tramp like him....

Shrews/killershrews007.jpg (3997 bytes)...........isn't that wonderful?....

Shrews/killershrews005.jpg (4076 bytes).....the wind.....

Shrews/killershrews002.jpg (4400 bytes)......Jerry just tried to kill me twice in the last 5 minutes!....

Shrews/ashrew.jpg (3960 bytes).....a scream...

Shrews/ashrew.jpg (3960 bytes).....opening music....


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Shrews/killershrews015_small.jpg (1169 bytes)....UP A Tree..


Shrews/ks79x.jpg (4502 bytes).....bite and shoot...


Shrews/killershrews017_small.jpg (1298 bytes), uh shrew, bites man...


killer shrews movie trailer


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